Time Zones,

How hard can juggling two time zones be?? Easy peasy, just  eight, nine, ten hours of time difference, that doesn’t make a huge difference, especially not in today’s age, when you feel so connected, and so detached at the same time, technology has its brighter side….and how clever was Mark Zuckerburg to launch facebbok, or Talmon Marco to invest in Viber.

Smart phones have so outsmarted the dumbass emotions, they occupy all our senses, we hold and touch them constantly, the caresses as endorphin generating as a cuddle, those are the first things we see, and want to see after opening our eyes, looking into the screens is as sensuous as gazing and getting lost into a loved one’s stare, and the chirpy, cheerful voice coming out of the ergonomically designed, aesthetically  appealing, cleverly marketed overpriced handsets, the sweet, warm, sugary, concoction of words pouring out of these beauties travels from the ears and goes deep, down to our hearts, melting the frozen recesses. We look, listen and feel for our basic life support (that is a medical joke friends, so non docs please ignore)


so what is left, taste and smell? Trust me, if you have tasted the forbidden fruit of an early morning Viber conversation or as I like to call it a “Viberation” you wouldn’t want to indulge in any other culinary delight, and try charging them on a UPS backed up switch during power outages, and you will smell, the burning of a charger, definitely. So we are all a generation of skyped, facebooked, tangoed, vonaged, vibered, twitteratis, googling, instagramming,  youtubers, chitter chatting whattsapping , pinteresting, LinkedIned, wordpressers. Feeling smug that we can download an app for everything by just a click of our fingers and of course the support of our network providers.


Is there an app to manage time zone difference ??  Is there an icon on my heart telling me how much %age of battery is left before I need to switch to a power saver mode on my emotions? Is there a service provider giving me an unlimited access to someone’s thoughts?? Can I text my thought bubbles at no cost? Oh Crap, that was not what I wanted to write about.

Getting back to the dilemma of time difference management….. long distance relationships never survive or work out, Period. (That word has such an American feel, but I do like the age old British “Full Stop”) The key here is the thrill, the just right amount of adrenaline surge it gives. Maintaining the right balance between euphoria and ecstasy, and not crossing the very fine line between sanity and yes, you guessed it right sensibility is a tough job.


It is so easy to go with the flow, and get lost, like right now I am thinking and imagining what the other person is dreaming about when I am making these tiny black squiggly bits on my laptop screen, or is he tossing and turning in his bed (Alone, Alone, Oh please God, on his own) in the same fashion as my fingers are tapping away on the keypad right now??

Is his early morning Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, or whatever fancy coffee at Starbucks is as caffeine laden as my trusted old Lipton and every day tea,  which both of us are probably sipping at the same time?? or Will he be thinking about me strolling on a sidewalk ogling at beautiful naked women while I am half asleep, half awake, drenched in sweat under a fan about to stop thanks to the power generation crisis?,

Will he be as thankful to God when he counts the calories of his healthy deli lunch and his blessings of being able to disconnect with his roots and live as a first world citizen, (or student) as I am to the Almighty when the light comes back exactly after 62 minutes and the AC starts automatically??


Let me check when he was last seen on whattsapp, or how long ago he was active on fb messenger, and yes it is time to post the blog and obsessively check the stats each and every hour 😉

P.S : This post does not refer to any “O”ne, or “T”wo in particular.


17th July, 2013



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