A Crazy Little Thing Called……………


Yes you read it right, it is not a typo.

So what Lust is ?  “Lust is an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body. The lust can take any form such as the lust for knowledge, the lust for sex or the lust for power”, and don’t we all lust after the sultry seductress, success.

Lust is the “Want”, whereas Love is the “Need”, Everyone needs somebody to lean on, that is need….. that someone must be a specific person, that is want. I am not in any mood of pondering upon the difference between wants and needs……. I don’t do needs actually…. I operate on Wants…….what, who, where, and how I want……… Lust is the Desire, the Ambition, the Passion, the Force. Love is ………….. I don’t have a fucking clue what love is.

What point I am trying to make here?? Lets compare both lovelies and see which one holds a higher rank in the hierarchy of emotions…………..


Or lets do it this way…..Love/Lust go hand in hand…….You profoundly like something or someone, that is love, your desire to get that thing or that one is Lust. I am not a philosopher, or a theologist or even a psychologist, so I am not aware of the working of thought/religion/subconscious in this context. It was just a random thought that popped into my head this morning.

Why do we promote and talk about Love, but count Lust as a deadly sin, a taboo not to be discussed? In my opinion they are the two sides of one coin, or Lust is the evil, ambitious step sister of poised perfect love. Don’t we all have a little bit of lust hidden in the deep recesses of our minds? Be it the Big Car, the Fat Pay cheque, the sweet school teacher, the first teenage crush, the sexy friend of sister-in-law seventeen years your junior, the dark eyed doctor, the handsome dude at work, the girl next door, the happily married friend, the naughty neighbor, the unhappily married childhood sweetheart?? Someone, who is not the “one”.

That brings infidelity and adultery in the picture too….. the ugly creepy unwanted cousins…..who are never welcome, but are always present, at every family get together………..Is it ok to be in someone’s arms thinking about someone else?? Is it possible to just Love someone and not lust after them? Or the other way round, which bond is stronger??

If love gone wrong can cause havoc, and be disastrous and destructive, can Lust channeled right be constructive?

Am I making any sense???



26th July, 2013.



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