A Love Letter!

Dear Pakistan,

Happy Birthday,

First of all, let me tell you how much I love you, I love you a lot, but at the same time, I kinda hate you as well, it is a strange love/hate relationship. But trust me, the fondness is much more profound than the other emotion. I am very possessive about you as well, and I take it as my birth right to say nasty things about you, at the same time if anyone else dares to say a bad word for you, I will gladly break their jaws. I own you my mother land, I own the crap out of you.

I try my best to behave as a typical “Paki”, I never observe queues, I cross red traffic lights, I litter the streets, I over speed, I never trust any thing with a “Made in Pakistan” label on it, I try my best to not display the Green Passport, publicly while standing at the immigration counter of any international airport, I lie, I bribe, I curse you when there is power outage. Then why my heart bleeds when there is a terrorist attack in any city of yours? Why I feel like banging my head against the wall when your cricket team loses a match (especially against India)  ? Why I want to slap the pseudo intellectuals who claim that you are a failed nation??

Why do I always put the buntings and the fraying flag, up my rooftop on this date, and sing the national anthem and cry??

You are a beauty, no place on earth can match the mesmerizing variety of landscape you offer. The deserts, the planes, the mountains, the rivers, the people, the ruins, from the raw rural ruggedness to the uber chic urbanizations, you offer a kaleidoscope of culture and cults, a rhapsody of weathers, a cacophony of languages, dialects and folklore.


I confess that we are a mob of emotional, impatient, irrational, utterly stubborn losers, and we have screwed you up, made you a mess, given a chance most of us will leave you in a heartbeat. I assure you that some will pass the opportunity, they will never trade their identity, they will remain true to their roots, and those few stubborn good men and women will one day shape up a future for you. They will transform this mob into a nation.

They will be your face, and I want to be a part of that crazy crowd.

Patrioticaly yours,
(Not just for today, but for the rest of the days of this and every coming year)

Your Deranged Daughter,


14th, August, 2013.



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