The Most Boring Travelogue Ever!

I am back home, Bloated, Bruised, Blistered….. Two kilos lighter, Three shades darker, completely exhausted, dead tired, sleep deprived ……….. with a pair of swollen ankles, aching knees, crackling hips and cramping calves.

I am lying sleepless in my own bed, my eyes are puffy and I can barely keep them open, my best buddy insomnia is here to accompany me…….. like always. I have no thoughts in my mind that I can put on paper………..  I had an absolutely amazing week, it was an extensive outdoor leadership training, and I was the doc, I met with a bunch of terrific people, crossed a stream (twice), hiked a few trails, climbed a mountain, slept in a tent, had a very lady like fall, ate fruit, painted my nails a new shade every single day, wore my signature rude, rouge, Red Lipstick to hide the anxiety and apprehension……… helped and healed a few, laughed out loud, followed a schedule religiously ………… one of my best friends was with me …………. Priceless!!


It was a tough, tough week, and it sure as hell brought out the best and worst in all the group members, I am sure every single one has their own story to share.

People always amaze me, amuse me, intrigue and entertain me, some by the depth of their intellect, some by the height of their stupidity, and some, by their simple presence, that defies all the laws of evolution.

I absolutely hate to walk, and when after every couple of steps I said, Fuck, I can’t do it, the person behind me said, come on, Shabash, you can do it…………if someone as lazy as me was walking in front of my own self, i would have been irrifuckingtated to the max……hats off to you, and your patience man….. I cant help it, i am a lazy bum……….. and High Five, I did It, or to be politically correct….. WE DID IT!!

I was the first one to reach at the Top, after nearly five hours of hike, I wanted to run and stand at the top, and scream and shout at the top of my voice that I have done it, but I waited, for the whole group, and after making sure that everyone has arrived safe and sound, I stepped up, and looked around…………. all I felt was gratitude, I was humbled, every single cell of my body was thankful to the creator………. All I felt was silence, serenity, and contentment………. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed…………….

Makra Top_1

That day, I did not conquer a mountain, I conquered my Fears!

Boys, returned as boys, and a Woman was Man enough to Lead.


2:37 AM.

9th September, 2013.



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