How Not To Fall in Love,

To find the answer, I turned to trusted old mate Google, and guess what, the minute I typed in How not to………… the first suggestion given to me was ……… Surprise Surprise, “Fall in Love”…… and the search engine results showed about 1,370,000,000 results (0.25 seconds) , Whoa!! So there is a hell lot of advice available on how not to do this crazy little thing called LOVE.

Searches related to “how not to fall in love” were:


  • How not to fall in love so easily,
  • How not to fall in love too fast,
  • How not to fall in love with a Friend,
  • How to make someone fall in love with you? (Intersting, I clicked on it and read the crap)
  • How not to fall in love with a Jerk?
  • How not to fall in love with a Player? (Tough)
  • How not to fall in love with your Boyfriend? (Seriously?? Aren’t you supposed to be in love with the idiot?)
  • How not to fall love with an asshole…………. LOL…… ( I just added it myself, it wasn’t a suggestion )

Why Not??  (Sorry, this was my pathetically hopeless romantic self and I just shushed and shut it up)

Ok!, so the wikihow,  cosmo,  torontolovedoctor, and every tom, dick and harry had their own ways and suggestions on how NOT to do it, and I clicked and clicked and clicked and read and read and read, and thought and thought and thought……………………… Till my head got spinning and my vision got blurred…. (It is already blurred, if someone knows the joke 🙂 )

I came across some interesting scientific facts as well, and found out that science has finally solved the mystery of what happens when you fall in love, according to a latest research:

“Love may lie not in your heart but in your brain. Using fMRI scans, researchers have shown how the early stages of romantic love activate the dopamine-releasing striatum, which is part of your brain’s pleasure center. This flood of dopamine creates a rush that can make new love feel like addiction. But falling in love also activates the insula, a brain region associated with motivation to acquire reward, which gives meaning to life-sustaining activities like eating and sleeping. It’s the insula that’s responsible for creating the bonds of long-lasting love”……….


What happens when you don’t want to fall in of Love??

Which areas of your brain you need to deactivate? Which parts of your heart you need to cut, crush, chop, break, repair and repeat??

Can someone please give me an answer????

Do I need to get an “Insulectomy”, I would go for it in a heartbeat even if I have to sacrifice my appetite and sleep forever……….. is there a pill that blocks the dopamine receptors in my central nervous system?? Neurologist friend, have you got a clue?? Can you give me a potent pain killer my Anesthetist buddy if the pain is becoming unbearable, or do you suggest I should be shifted on palliative care my Oncologist Amigo??

Are the centers of Friendship and love located intertwined and adjacent to each other?? Is the grey matter of Brain stupid like me to get these mixed and messed up or is it sensitive enough to distinguish between different shades of them?? Is the pathway of processing and differentiating between these feelings similar in both sexes?

Which will lead to a more peaceful existence, drinking the poison of bitter, burning truth, or getting drowned in the sea of comforting, false, fantasies???

Why do I have to exactly know what and how do I feel about someone?? Why the bloody fuck It is always me??

I don’t know what I am talking about………………

I slipped, but didn’t fell ……….. It hurts………….


24th September, 2013.



4 thoughts on “How Not To Fall in Love,

  1. Lol, well the excess dopamine causes that or the depleted dopamine causes Parkinsonism…. Hard choice, isn’t it? Except we never really have a choice!

    Btw, I’m tempted to search for and read your suggested articles…. Not for any reason in particular.


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