HNTDAD…….. The Final Day, and The Final Verdict.

The week of torture is over, I am Glad…………….. phew!!

I am just thinking that I did not follow the diet and it was so hard, so how hard it would have been if I tried a bit more and followed it???

What was the point of this whole exercise? Hmm …. Good question,

The point, my friends, was to highlight the issue that how obsessed we all are with youth and beauty, it is survival of the prettiest or the skinniest, and even me, a strong headed, rebellious, confident woman of thirty eight, with a perfectly healthy weight, felt the need of shedding some pounds to fit in, be it a pair of jeans or a certain way the fairer sex is perceived these days.

I know it is shallow, and I am very well aware of the hazards associated with Fad diets, as a healthcare professional I also know what havoc obesity can play, with the body.

Let me tell you something else, I was a chubby child, not just the Cute, baby fat chubby, but full blown, Fat. I don’t know I should use that word or not, but I am talking about myself and trust me, I know how it feels, when you are ridiculed for your appearance, your weight. It is crippling, debilitating, doesn’t matter how sharp, intelligent or smart you are in the class, if you don’t look a certain way, you are an out-cast.

Then I grew up, and became a geeky nerdy teen ager, and lost a lot of weight. (Thanks to cycling and rope skipping) even then, I was never confident about my body. Time passed and I went through some horrible times, I still don’t have the courage to talk or write about that time, so let us skip that.

I have had size zero figure and felt miserable, I have been a happy, plump, slightly juicy size ten (US size 6), and now I am between a size 6-8 (US size 2-4), I feel good about myself, and I have no intention of letting the weight pile up, or creep down.

During last few years, I have realized that the only thing that matters is how comfortable you are in your own skin, what any one thinks of you is none of your business. There is nothing sexier than intellect, and nothing makes you more beautiful than your belief in your own self.

You’ve got to love yourself enough to look INSIDE you & not BESIDE you for your joy, confidence, & self worth.

I wish I had realized that in my early years, but it is never too late………..


11th November, 2013.




4 thoughts on “HNTDAD…….. The Final Day, and The Final Verdict.

  1. Well written..crux: U were on a regimented diet that doesn’t agree with me neither i do with it, yet im glad u nurtured ur mind n our minds well:-)


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