ABCD of Boldie Land : AKA when it is too risky to publish the original post.

I wrote something, but that piece was a bit too emotional, and i am in no mood of sentimentality today, it was also a little risky to publish……….. wink wink.………. As I live in the land of pure, where speaking the truth is not always considered appropriate, and over the years, besides mastering and perfecting the art of screwing every thing up, I have also started to learn, when to stop, pretension is still not my forte, but ………….

This is a fill gap arrangement, I just wrote the first few words that came into my mind, you are more than welcome to add on your own, in the comments section, 



A: Assholes, Agility, Anger, Adultery, Ambition, Angel, Amalgamation, Abstract, Arid,

B: Boldie (Who else?), Bravado, Balance, Bewildered, Boredom, Barren,

C: Clichés, Contradictions, Chaos, Conviction, Coca Cola, Claustrophobia, Charm, Chivalry,

D: Distance, Dysfunction, Doubts, Dreams, Desires, Demons, Delusion.

E: Eggs 🙂 , Ego, Ecstasy, Enigma, Entwined, Entangled, Escape,

F: Flirtation, Fantasy, Fire, Fierce, Fornication, Facts,

G: Gossip, Glamour, Gorgeous, Glorious, Game, Gallop, Gulp, Good, Gentleman, Spot. 😉

H: Hell, Heart, Humility, Help, Hope, Home, Harmony,

I: Intellect, Intuition, Infantry (Mechanized ;)), Imagination, Inhibition, Insight, Illusion,

J: Jet setting, Joy, Justification, Jump, Juvenile,

K: Kind, Kiss, Kors (Michael), Kudos,

L: Lust, Lust, Lust………..

M: Mind, Memories, Miracle, Mischief, Metaphor,  Mirage, Muse, 


O: The Big Fat “O”…………….. !!!!!!!!!!

P: Passion, Pleasure, Pain, Pure, Paradise, Possibilities,

Q: Quiet, Quantum Physics, Quality.

R: Rain, Risks, Rumors, Reciprocation, Rendezvous, Red, Regal, Rhapsody, Rouge, Ripe,

S: Sensuality, Sustainability, Sapeosexual, Sonder, Saudade, Strength, Sorrows, Somber, Sweat, Stalker, Sin, Silver, Salt.

T: Trust, Torment, Temptation, Turmoil, TRUTH, Tears, Top, Tender, Time, Trinket, Thoughts, Trichotilomania.

U: “Us”

V: Vanity, Vice, Vulnerability, Virtue,



Y: YESS!!!!!!!

Z: Zero,


16th November, 2013.



6 thoughts on “ABCD of Boldie Land : AKA when it is too risky to publish the original post.

  1. Ham na Kehtay thay Haali Chup Raho…!
    Hai Raast Goi main Russvai Bohat..!

    I want to share many things but No One is Ready to listen the harsh realities of life, If I uttered a single word regarding anything It will bring anger in groups…

    I am forced to hold my words under the chests that perturbs the immerse soul.

    You always write well….and I read posts of only three bloggers One is You..! Your style deserves approbation..!


    • Glad to know that there are still some people out there who are not afraid of thinking :), Let your words out, it will do good to your soul, if you ever need any one to listen, without getting offended, remember, i am all ears 🙂

      Thank you my friend, 🙂


  2. Well…everything put on page reflects boldness and thoughtfulness of the writer. i wishand strive for the tolerance level that will help say his / her words without fear and frustration. I wish we are free enough to fuckitol!!!!!!!


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