More Than 50 Shades Of Me.

……………There is a “WORD” for every one, every place, every thing, that describes them perfectly, I was thinking what is the best word that describes me, In this universe and in the parallel universe that I exist in.

Can I be described in a single word?

That was also a question, the answer to which is simply NO, 🙂 , can I be described at all, one word or more?? Nahh………

But it was good to go through all the texts and Fb comments and the unseen, unheard conversations stored in the Darkest, Deepest Realms of my mind to gather the top 50 words used for me, and I was “LOST”. Bingo!!!, found the first word……….. If there is any other word you would like to add, feel free to comment.

…….So where to begin with, hmmm… lets start with Emotional, Immature, Intense, Focused, Confused, Flirtatious, Workaholic, SEXY, Caring, Too Nice, Too Much, Angry, Having a Vivid imagination, Foul mouthed, Shopaholic, Bipolar,  Narcissist,  Someone with a Scary Laugh (That was a first, but i really liked it), Direct, Ruj Kay Sohni… 🙂 (that’s one of my favorites, it means way too pretty) , Wabi Sabi (imperfectly Perfect) I used it for myself, aren’t I a genius 😉 ….Talking of genius, yes I have been called one… as many times as I have been labelled Stupid and Foolish.

Perfect Fill Gap arrangement for Fuck ups, Band aid, Really Really Naughty, Crazy, Psycho, Cock tease…, Clingy,determined, STRONG, Trusting, Great Company, Ferrari ( That every one admires but no one wants to buy..NO TEST Drive, Please), High Maintenance, OLD, UGLY, Clueless, Un Inhibited, Hilarious, Fantastic Cook, Amazing, Amusing, Irritating, Suffocating, 😦 , Darling Doc, Spicy, Non Conformist, Rebellious, …………That makes more than 50 words, Ooooohhh….Pretty Interesting (Guilty as Charged)…What next, it can be HONEST, it can also be Straight Forward, or Harshly BLUNT…. 😉

50 Shades of Me

I wanted to stop at 50, but just remembered being a Loser, Show off, impatient, and wait a minute, how did I forget FUN and HOT!!! or for that matter FITT!!! and FAT….(PHAT TOO)

Entertainment…. Entertainment.… Entertainment.…!!!!!!!

Scared, Scarred, Self Obsessed have been my own, along with BOLD, BROKE, Bored, and Bitchy. Have Enjoyed dancing on the tunes of Alone, Euphoric, Exquisite, & Madly In Love as much, as have cried with Dumped, Divorced, Dysfunctional and Damaged.

Insomniac, hormonal, depressed, suicidal, all have been the states of mind I have wandered across, have wondered of being a wonder woman. Content I was, and will always be, and Comfortable I am, in my very own skin.

Happy?? too over rated. Extravagant …Hell Yess. Supportive, Suggestive 😉 , Short, Sharp, WITTYYY, 😉 …. FWB?? (does it ring a Bell?) Delicious, Devilish, Delightfully Dangerous, Bad tempered, Creative, Cuddly, Classy, Controversial, ……… Committed??? Are You F***g kidding Me????? ;))

Loving” I forgot, 🙂 ,

A bit hazy about Talented, Troubled, Trustworthy, Terrible and Tigress.. And just remembered Astonishing, Aggressive and Assertive.

And then some Gs, Spotting them wasn’t difficult, wink ….. wink…… Gorgeous, Glamorous, Great Girlfriend….(I know), Too Good, Not Good, Good-to-Hang out-with But NOT-Good-Enough-to-Spend-The-Rest of your Life with………..OUCH!!! That still Hurts.

Once I was called “THIS”, That sure as hell gave me a Bruised EGO.

Have never been called a liar or a hypocrite, That is an achievement. As Big as being Totally Self Made, Self Assured, Self Sufficient, Self Confident, Self Supportive and Self Aware. 🙂

(Today, after I finished writing, a Lovely Young Lad called me “CUTE”, Awww…..That made my day, and I treated myself to an Awesome, Lonesome, Onesome Date, and polished off a Molten Lava Dessert)

21st November, 2013

Disclaimer : All these words are 100% authentic and true,  Any resemblance to any sober, wasted, high, heated or candid conversation is purely intentional and The authoress takes full responsibility of any De Ja Vu felt by any of you.


HARD Feelings are welcome, so is your feedback.



(Image Used : A Collage by Derek Gores)


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