When Boldie Quirked.

I am very bad at writing about my days, like what time I woke up and which toothpaste I used to brush my teeth, or what I am planning to eat for dinner and where I would like to go in the evening to chillax. So for a change, I thought I will write about my Sunday.

9Lines Stuff

I usually hate weekends, never mind, I hate most of the weekdays too, this Sunday I had an invite to go to a Farmers Market (Khalis Food Market) and be a salesperson at a stall, by two really Cute Boys ……….. (Both of them ten years younger than me…… Life is so unfair)

But anyways, the boys are not only absolutely gorgeous, they are an immensely creative and Tremendously, Terribly Talented duo (Life is more unfair), who run a web based business by the name of 9 Lines. The witty, wacky, wonderful products they design are the best in all their quirkiness. Think a Desi Warhol having a rickshaw ride to meet Marilyn in a kitschy truck art decorated café, you get the picture, right………. A Psychedelic Mayhem of colors, patterns and products that scream Style and Shout Attitude, in BOLD Capitals.

My Quirky Nails

So to go and man their stall, I wanted to look fun and flirty, not to mention twelve years younger……… The dilemma, what to wear?? There was a tie between a Red Calvin Klein, Shift dress, and a Fabulous FCUK shirt, in rainbow hues. As I was unable to make that very important decision of my life on my own, I got some help from my Fashion Consultant, who also happens to be a very Cute boy ( Do I need to mention that he is my Nephew and is not Three years old yet ?? ) He very wisely chose the colorful shirt and also picked up five exact matching shades to paint my nails.

After applying consecutive layers of Sunblock/Moisturizer/Primer/Three different Shades of Foundation, I managed to achieve the Barely Made up, Flawless, Dewy complexion, A few Coats of Liner, Kohl, Mascara later my eyes looked less tired and puffy, and the “Soap and Glory’s” “Sexy Mother Pucker” Gloss plumped up my lips, a string of pearls, a sparkly choker, some wrist bands, High heels and an over-sized bag, I was ready and there, fashionably and exactly an hour Late.

The Stall was a visual delight, like an amazingly poptastic riot of shades and shapes. The products on display included Notebooks, Mugs, Posters, Tin Boxes, Phone Covers, Bags, I Pad Sleeves and Accessories. (The T Shirts and Cushion covers were not on display, but they are available online)

We managed to sell the brand pretty well, and a lot of people showed up, there was something for everyone. Press coverage was there as well, I am sure our faces will be plasters on Page Three of all the Mags next Sunday, and yes, we were featured at the local news channels also.

I enjoyed myself a lot, and my genuinely-contagious-multi-mega-watt smile never left my face ( That is the side effect of being High on 9Lines, so be careful )

My Birthday Gift From 9Lines

I have been madly in Love with all their stuff since the very first day, they have designed and made a lot of beautiful things for me, one wall of my TV Lounge is over crowded with the Fun Posters, and I can never forget the special poster they made for a dear friend of mine (who happens to be an asshole and has not liked my page yet, Yes I am too Subtle when it comes to Hints),

The other reason, I am writing this post dedicaMe and My Marilyn Notebookted to them is a very special one, I think I was the first customer who bought their Merilyn Note Book, and the first story that I wrote, I wrote in that. It always stays with me and I use it as a scribble book, it is full of quarter/half/full written, poems, prose and profanities. Oh, and I also wore their Fierce T, when I climbed the Makra Peak.

I am all prayers for them, go, visit their website and Facebook page, and shop till you drop.

Warning : 9Lines is an acquired Taste, if you don’t like it, Acquire some Taste!



25th November, 2013



6 thoughts on “When Boldie Quirked.

  1. oh my god! You have a three year old fashion consultant! That’s soo cute!

    I am loving the 9lines craze. It’s the much needed spunk that we didn’t have earlier. I can’t wait for their new collection!


  2. Hey good to know about Ur blog esp through 9lines, no need to brag my love for them, I mean the brand :p n yes 3year olds are good advisors, like my baby. Do visit my blog sparkling’s makeup dot com. See ya!


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