Great Expectations!!! *TAG* post Sugar and Spice from last year.

This is a “Farmaishi” post, a dear friend and fellow blogger, Tagged me in her post, and I think I have to write about the same Hash tags ………. And frankly speaking, I wanted to write something fresh, fun and flirty,  the last few posts on the blog were quite gloomy ……….. Let’s forget about the reality for some time and Talk about the fabulous frivolities. The shameless, shallow, show off self of me, is super excited ………………………… But the writer in me is utterly and entirely confused ……………. Let me put my Trade mark Boldie Twist at the End …………… **Wicked Smile **


#Bad Beauty Habits to get Rid of this year.

Beauty Habit ???  hmmm …… I am in a habit of being beautiful …….. LOL, cheezyyy ….. eh 🙂 Honestly speaking, my sin here is not cleaning my make up properly, before going to bed ……… OK, I love to sleep in Make up, you never know who is going to pay you a visit in your dreams, do you ?? and I don’t want to look scary, well, I do look scary when I wake up and see my messed up face in the mirror the very next morning.  So I would like to perfect the art of sleep proofing my make up 😉

#Beauty Secret to Add This Year.

MAC BB Balm, SPF 35

This is interesting …….. this year, I am going to stick to “Snoxin”, it’s the cheaper version of Crème De’ La Mer, the ingredients are nearly the same. The best time to invest in a good anti-aging skin care regimen is as early as possible, and I think it is high time for me now, and in a few years I will consider getting Botox, and will probably invest in a good facelift ………… but that is after a decade or two, if I survive ……

The other thing is the *secret* BB cream by MAC, with primer, that is apparently used by nearly all Bollywood celebrities ( A make-up artist to stars, told me this, and he himself was wearing it ) my order is on its way ……… 🙂

I have also bought “Nanoblur” that is an instant fix for tired skin and fine lines.

#Last Year’s Beauty favorites

IMAG1530Bobby Brown Gel Liner, Revlon Colorstay Gloss in Tomato Red, Clinique Base, L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara ……… DKNY “Be Delicious” (For Women during the day, and For Men at Night) …..

I miss the glow on my face and the sparkle in my eyes, that I get when I am deeply in love ………… SIGH !!!!

#Goals/Resolutions for Next Year

I would like to be more Selfish, Rude and Arrogant, I would love to break a few hearts, and try to not trust people easily. I would keep on being controversial and contradict my own statements, and yesss….. I have to groom and polish my Inner Drama Queen.

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore …………… Repeat !!!!

I will run ruthlessly after money and fame, and I will learn to Lie ………….. I won’t exercise, or follow any healthy eating regimen.

#Biggest Fashion Mistake/Regret

My only Faux Pas for last year would be the Black Jumpsuit, I didn’t realize that the neck line was dangerously plunging, and wore it to a big event ……… DISASTER ….. wink wink ……….

I solemnly swear that I didn’t commit any other Fashion Crime Last Year ………. HIGH FIVE !!!!

#Fashion Trend Predictions

Girls will keep on dreaming about a happy ending, I think being an asshole will be a very IN thing for next and every coming year too, for all the Boys, Some of them will grow up and be Men, and behave as better assholes ……….. The trend of judging others, will stay strong, and we as a nation will never learn a single thing from our mistakes.

#Must Haves for 2014

A Book Shelf, A Proper Filmy Style Dressing Table, a Bed, Loads of Lingerie, A Bvelgari Bag, Channel Clutch, few more Heels, A Published Book, and a Fertilized Egg.


Hats off to you if you are still reading it, and here is the promised twist ……….


P.S: OMG, someone wearing my Mask wrote this ……………. 😉

(Thank You for Tagging me Sparklings Makeup Blog)

23rd January, 2014.


19 thoughts on “Great Expectations!!! *TAG* post Sugar and Spice from last year.

  1. Smmmooooches n poooches for the mask lolz, I knew ull ruin the tag post that y tagged u lolz. Loved every bit of, I hope the egg get fertilized, legally, officially n lolz yar Yeh dkny wali mystery nae samajh ayre… Do post about it. Much love n best of luck n looks,
    Ooops that fashion disaster was great I can see u adjusting every “thing” every now n then :p wink wink.


  2. Well, if I really had to comment on the blog : I’d say I like the ‘writer in you’ more. Skimmed through the article – but I accept that one has to be bold to write like this, completely breaking off from one’s own tradition.


  3. Interesting….don’t know about others but I have taken this to be educational…will make use of all your experiences and resolutions except of course the fertilized egg…think Mera guzara omelette par ho ga…it was a lot of fun…light and refreshing.


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