Seven Shorties.

Seven Shorties

This Valentines Day, Penguin Teen had a competition on twitter to write short Love stories, (Less Than 140 Characters), I posted these Seven, The response I got was overwhelming. Here are my beloved shorties, Enjoy …….


Once Upon a Happily Everafter, There Lived a Couple, Madly in Love with each other. Legally Married to Other people.


Time Stood Still …….. and centuries passed. No Promises Made, No Questions Asked.


He was a Cup, Full of I know, Her, I Love You chalice was empty, They Shared The Thirst.

I Love You, I Know, Seven Shorties,


Once Upon a Time, A girl asked a man to Marry Her. He said…. NO!!

They Lived Happily ….. Fuck Everafter.


They Kissed each other and sealed the deal. The deal was to never speak about that night. The Night so Wrong, It Felt, Just Right.


Seven Shorties whats in Love


His Love was Blind………….

She was a well Read book…… Written in Braille.


21st February, 2014.



5 thoughts on “Seven Shorties.

  1. Here is my one :
    They never really met; not even in their dreams except when their hearts beat fast n hard – during ‘their daydream’.
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