Mosquito Bites.

It was a hot, humid August day of 2011, he felt boiling sitting in the very pleasantly air conditioned office, staring blankly on his laptop screen. He went through his outlook inbox without thinking, clenching his I phone in his hand, he looked at the dimly lit screen again, one text, three simple words ……. Fancy A Fuck?

What kind of a text was that????  and what kind of a woman sends a text like that, at 10:22 in the morning? …..

Her kind of a woman.

She was one of a kind, that he was sure now. His head started to ache, he rubbed his temples and put his phone aside. He closed his eyes and could see her, short, petite, polite, very well spoken and very well educated. He saw her a few years ago and could still recall that day, she was standing in front of her house, it was scorching hot, she was carrying a huge bag, her dupatta hung on her shoulder casually and she was holding a lot of books.

Nice ASS!!, he thought, but the stare she gave him clearly said Fuck off. Then she was hired in the same company he used to work for, and they came across each other frequently. She had a presence, he admitted, carried herself really well and was adored by every one.  He felt the chemistry and sparks the moment he saw her again. She had big, dark mysterious eyes, I- know- it- all smile, and beautiful hands and feet. They clicked instantly and behaved mischievously, but in a perfect, socially acceptable manner.

She moved somewhere else, and so did he. They lost touch, except stalking each other on facebook ….. some stray likes here and some perfectly innocent comments there..…. until this very morning.

What the fuck was she up to?? was this just another example of her weird, wild and vulgar sense of humor?? Or she meant it?

He wasn’t a novice in this field, he was a flirtaholic, was used to getting any woman he fancied, whenever , where ever and how ever he wanted..… It was all about him….but that One…… she gave him shivers and a very tough time, along with many hard ons and a few racy raunchy dreams.

The phone bleeped again, another simple SMS, Yes or Yessss???…………..Bitch……… he thought and dialed her number, she picked up the phone on the third ring, was her usual self, calm and collected. They spoke like long lost friends and finalized the plan to meet at his friends flat in DHA.  He left office at five and drove towards Cavellery Ground PSO pump, where they were supposed to meet, on his way he picked up a pack of B&H Gold, a Lighter, Guava juice and some useful stuff, as she ordered, some diet coke for himself.  I am a very economical date, she teased him, Cock Tease… he grinned his teeth. It wasn’t long when she arrived in her Silver Civic, right in time, wearing her signature huge sun glasses, she waved at him and he drove while she followed.

They parked their cars in front of the building and entered the dimly lit foyer. The flat was small, nearly empty and smelt horrible. The moment they stepped in, the electricity was gone. It wasn’t dark yet, so he could see her in the warm glow of late evening summer sun, perfectly turned out, modestly dressed,  just the right amount of sexy, flat open shoes, and pastel colored soft lips. The place was full of mosquitoes, but all they could see was one another. She went to the small bathroom and came out in her birthday suit, placed her hands on her slender hips and made the perfect, classic, Ta Da pose.


He felt all his blood rushing to his groin,  he wanted her, badly,  I’m gonna fuck the hell out of that bitch, he thought while looking into her eyes.  Her gaze was as intense, as his grip around her waist, he bent to kiss her on the mouth, she parted her soft warm lips and kissed him back, they stood still…. Holding each other, their bodies a perfect fit.

Desire, lust, need, all amalgamated like the smells in the air. He picked her up and moved to the mattress on the floor, he looked at her body, with his eyes, his hands, his lips, his tongue…..she smelt delicious and tasted saltish and bitter. Her body was so responsive. He lost all the sense and manners and took her, with savage brutality, they forgot being human. It didn’t take him long but she was ahead of him.

Panting, grunting, heaving, drenched in sweat…….The rhythm got chaotic. She cried with pleasure and pain, her back arched in ecstasy, finger nails dug in his back, breath rugged, eyes tightly clenched, a halo of curly matted hair around her oval face, she bit her lower lip, the lip that had a small mole in its center. She was sticky and sweet. He was exhausted,  time stood still, air hung languidly, it was so dark he could hardly see anything, his mind went numb and he drifted off in the peaceful slumber.

He woke up with a very dry throat and a strange metallic taste in his mouth, he desperately needed to pee and have a glass of water.  He looked to his side to see her, he so wanted to see her, wasted, spent, messed up, broken, but she wasn’t there. A cigarette butt was floating in the paper cup that was half full of guava juice, the sight made him nauseous. He opened the diet coke and gulped.

The small screen of his phone was blinking, four texts and seven missed calls…all from random people at work… Fuck… it was a bit past seven. She might be in the loo, he put on his boxers and entered the open door, no sign of her there. Reality kicked in …………… She had her way with him, screwed the hell out of him, on her terms and conditions, and was gone, before he was even dressed.  He splashed some water on his face and spat…


Time to go, he tried looking decent and drove home, dizzy, disgusted and disoriented, to his lovely faithful wife, and beautiful kids.

He met her at a shaadi the very same night. He looked seriously handsome, while she was her gorgeous self, perfectly straight hair hanging just below her shoulders, beautifully draped sari with a bit of cleavage and a hint of waist, just the right amount of sexy.

They greeted each other like long lost friends. A socially acceptable half hug, all smiles.

He had a few mosquito bites on his face, but hers were completely hidden under the layers of perfectly applied make up.


1st, October, 2013.



9 thoughts on “Mosquito Bites.

  1. It’s good to see you breaking off from your tradition of telling a story about a victimized woman, marked with settings that have glimpses of your medical career. ( and I haven’t read all of your blogs, just a few. 🙂 )


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