No Title, Please Suggest One ………

Once upon not a very long time ago….. She accepted his friends request on Facebook and the story started……..

As expected, they exchanged numbers, texts and calls, she liked his dreamy, delicious voice, and he couldn’t resist her poise, her grace, her strong faith and her sharp sense of humor ……… One crisp April evening, they made the decision of their lives to fall in love with each other and  a whirlwind, fiery feisty,  twenty first century romance was born, between two very wise people.

She, a self-obsessed, self-made, severely independent, virtuous woman, with chocolate brown eyes, perfectly manicured long fingers, all the right curves at all the right places and an above average IQ, a rare and lethal combination of beauty, brains and boobs. No one knew, that sometimes, she wrote words you would like to talk about in whispers. She was a strong, stubborn Scorpion, hated hypocrisy and always kept her head and arms covered, and her gaze lowered……. and He ….. he was not an asshole…… A Vagabond, wandering Virgo….….…… fascinated by the deranged psychotic misfits, with beautiful booties and a rebellious streak, the untamed challenged him, and he was fiercely competitive.

She was in a habit for falling for the wrong ones, the perfect specimens of broken, damaged, commitment phobic species of male kind.  A social activist by passion, a healer by profession, she took her job seriously, and looked for this sort, to fix them, heal them, make them useful members of the society, before getting dumped for a thinner and younger hottie with a slimmer waist, longer legs and fuller bosom.

In her smitten eyes and clouded opinion, He was different …………. a very refined, soft spoken thinker, towering well above her, with shoulders  broad enough to cry on, arms capable of hugging and holding her, an articular mouth, that demanded to be kissed………. repeatedly……….…

Having a respectable job, a secure future and a broad, bright forehead, with a faint “Mehraab”………. Oohhh the Mehraab melted her heart…………. So did the angelic smile and the beard………. Not to mention the beautiful home in a pricey and posh neighborhood and an expensive taste in all things ………. Halal.

They lived in the loudest city of the land of Pure.

So they met, around midnight at a trendy tea house, near Mini Market Round about,  and shared jokes, laughs, coffee, molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream and in the later hours…… a bed…… forgetting, accidentally on purpose, about religion,  reasons, responsibilities and logic. He discovered some new depths and she blew…….. his mind too.

They woke up happily delirious and deliriously happy, and offered the morning prayers after the bath.

Their secret liaison survived against all the odds, belonging to two entirely different religious sects and social circles, they found the common grounds to bond over……….. the shared  love for literature, poetry, art, guns, Islam, social media, punjabi profanities and a history of horribly wrong relationships with other people in the past was a glue strong enough to keep them joined at the hip, for the time being..……………….. they complemented each other perfectly, never argued and looked forward to a probable ever after……….

Time flied…………


She soon got fed up with his unavailability and he got bored of her constant desire for validation. The rendezvous’ got rarer and the lust lost the luster……

She felt suffocated by the pressure of her conscious of being faithful, he thought she stripped and caged his free spirited soul.  Fidelity was a lost virtue for both.

The illicit, retard child of their romance got badly neglected and was soon on life support, She never had the courage to pull off the plug, while he didn’t have the guts to own and bring it back to life.

One sweaty September Monday, they decided to talk things through, like grown ups…………….. after all they loved each other. The meet and greet was far less than formal……..the ritual was performed with a familiar ease………His grip was firm around her waist and she was nearly lost in his hazel eyes while being on top… his skin was smooth……… her hair tangled… panting, heaving, grunting ………. He, very casually and politely, informed her that he got married to a beautiful young virgin over the weekend.

The same weekend, she spent getting a bikini wax and shopping for lingerie that was sprawled on the floor, the same Saturday night, she screwed a younger, taller and hotter version of him, with sharper eyes, flatter stomach, longer hair and much more stamina……..……

His neatly folded spotless white cotton shirt was placed carefully at the foot end of the bed, while her crumpled chiffon dupatta was stained with a sticky liquid, and she struggled to pull it from under his back….

Her big beautiful eyes got filled with tears…………………The tears of Joy!!!!!!

The Joy of Freedom……….

Next morning she received a standing ovation at her speech on the “Implications of infidelity, and religious and moral obligations to stay faithful”, on world Hijab Day, where he was the chief guest.

They remained friends, and occasionally redeemed the benefits.


23rd October, 2013.


( Image Used : One of the Angels & Demons Series, by Karol Bak )

Re Published on 16th April, 2014 for A to Z Blogging Challenge.


19 thoughts on “No Title, Please Suggest One ………

  1. Virgos are mutated Leos…. darker, kinkier, clever and less vulnerable Leos.
    Virgos and Leos will always be best of friends as the Lion might pose to be all high and mighty it is the Virgo who will trample on his heart…..
    The Leo with the perfect Alpha male persona are sought by Virgos only to be studied, understood and then discarded. The Mighty Lions takes a fall from the meekest of them all.
    Virgos are like sponges they absorb …. even life from others.
    Under their soft, caring and frail appearances they are hardened veterans, of many battles of friendship, love and sexes.
    If you cross paths with a Virgo just walk away…
    Walk away or his/her soft looks and polite demeanor would pull you towards him/her, and that would be it. For he/her doesnt care for anyone but him/herself. They can walk out of relationship like street walker walks out of her clothes only difference is she does under compulsion they do it out of passion. A passion for more, to want more, have more and most importantly be more.
    P.S. Hope the lady in Red allows these posts.


  2. Girl you are ….. Mmmmmm I’m speechless would love to meet you in person, if u don’t mind wanna see do we have such reality aashna n bold girls in our land of the pure…


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