Scarlet Sorrows.

She knelt, poised and quiet, unlike her thoughts whirling mad inside her head. She revealed herself to the lord, asking for forgiveness. Her fragile shoulders bent, carrying the load of years of promises, conveniently broken, and dreams selectively shattered. Her skin raw and still stinging with the kisses reluctantly savored and passionately branded. In the dying light of the day, she closed her eyes.

Her mood was blue and her sorrows scarlet………. Scarlet sorrows of pain and pleasure, Trinkets of passion, to cherish and treasure. Pearls of regrets in a string of lust, that’s what she got, no love, no Trust………….

Scarlet Sorrows

She was no more scared of the demons of her past, no monsters living in her head haunted her that day. The day she picked up all her pieces and looked at them, lovingly, with a longing, no one understood, again. The gentle breeze of her breath, the immense warmth of her heart, her unfathomable ability to love and love and give and give ………

All for what? She dared to ask …………….

But still she loved, and still she gave. She felt her bones crushing under the unbearable weight of all the lives, she was unable to live. She wondered if that was how forgiveness felt, just floating in the nothingness of conscience, not with the grand announcement, but slowly seeping and settling in, till it becomes the last piece of the puzzle that completes the whole, bigger picture. And then all the pain leaves, gathering its things along………. As un announced as it comes to stay.

And then she saw him, he wasn’t doing a thing, just leaning against the wall, like he always did, with his head tilted and arms open, eyes ablaze with another promise ……. He just stood there, holding her universe together………

She took a deep breath, and listened to the old brag of her heart, the most compelling command of the lame lousy piece of flesh, that hummed …………. Go, Go, Go.

And she went, to that distant oasis that seemed so near. She kissed him, He still tasted like broken promises, and she was the same best flavor of bitter truth …… She slurped him with a pinch of desire and he sprinkled some more sweet dreams on her thoughts and Licked …..

The rest of their lives tasted utterly disgusting …. And that was the reason they were still together

…… She opened her eyes and suddenly the sun came out of the dark clouds …. Big, Round, Hot blob of fire …. Her gaze was fixed on the golden globe … She was mesmerized ….

That was the most wonderful sunset they ever witnessed.

And the night followed.


12th December, 2014.



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