Yes, I have succumbed to the pressure, I have bowed down and kneeled in front of the temptation ive been trying to resist for so long, today ive taken the first baby step to another journey, another voyage, I have no clue about the destination…….on the quest of finding the purpose of my existence, the chase is on, and wordplay is the name of the game this time.

My love for words is ancient, growing deeper and getting intense with the passage of time, these tiny bets of alpha have mesmerized me, amused and amazed me, comforted me, teased me, held me together for ages, and now there are too many of those to keep locked away safely in the memory drawer of my restless mind. And from today, I decide to let them out, let them go, find a place of their own in this world. I own each and every word, grammatical error, spelling mistake, coma, semi colon and full stop.


I will appreciate your support, do give your feedback, don’t we all live for the love of likes and red notification dots mentioning the names of those who comment. Be with me on this journey, this rollercoaster ride of thoughts, without any safety belts, any protective headgear.  Watch out for the first post, hopefully I’ll post it soon, and will try my best to post at least once a week, unless I get an acute thought block or get bored again.

Read me.

Disclaimer : These weird bits of writing are just an expression of creativity, any resemblance to any one, dead, alive, semi or fully conciouss, on or off life support, or any conversation, sober, wasted, high, heated, de or inde cent, cyber, skyped or actual, is utterly and purely co incidental. If you find any resemblance to yourself, I thank you for leaving an impression on my mind and tickling my writers bone.

I would also like to thank my “MUSE”.


5th June, 2013.


4 thoughts on “Confession,

  1. Loved your confession-come about me page ! I am wandering here on your blog from an hour now and trust me I have no words to show how I am feeling…. TRUST me this is the best blog I have ever saw till the time I started blogging…… WONDERFUL posts….. It feels good to see Pakistani bloggers who write honestly about Pakistan you know. Many prayers and best wishes for your journey 🙂 Love you xx


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